Dr.Srinivasa Rao M,Dr.Srinivasa Rao M
CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology                             
(Council of Scientific and Industrial Research)
Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India
Tarnaka, Hyderabad-500007, Telangana, INDIA

Landline 27191379
Mobile 9490725989
Email ID msrinivas@iict.res.in
Alternate Email ID msc_srinivas@yahoo.com
Alternate URL http://iictenvis.nic.in/

Research Interests

Present Research

- Entomology, Epidemiology & Public Health

- Vectors & Vector Borne Diseases

- Disease Modeling & Computational biology.


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  1. Database management system for the control of malaria in Arunachal Pradesh. PT: 490, CR-5/06, Filing date: 24/04/2006, Application No.SW3048/2006.
  2. Genomic and Proteomic database on Culex mosquito species. PT: 553, CR-7/09, Filing date: 24/09/2009.
  3. Process for the isolation of Karanjin from expelled and solvent extracted cake of Pongamia glabra. PT: 556, NF-65/09, Filing date: 25/09/2009, Application No. 2010/DEL/09.
  4. SAMADHAN KENDRA an Information Technology Centre for Rural Development. PT: 549, CR-6/09, Filing date: 02/02/2010.
  5. Rapid identification of female Culex mosquito species using Expert System in the South East Asian region. PT: 513, CR-11/2007, Filing date: 09/02/2010.


  1. 2015: Received University of Liverpool-India fellowship.
  2. 2015: eUttara Award: Received special recognition certificate for "Seasonal forecasting of Japanese encephalitis Vector Density in India".
  3. 2012: eNorth East Award.
  4. 2011: CSIR-IICT Technology Award for societal benefit.
  5. 2007: CSIR Senior Research Fellowship.


  1. Honorary Associate, University of Liverpool, UK.
  2. Life member in "National Academy of Biological Sciences".
  3. Associate Fellow Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences.

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