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Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry


The Organic and Bimolecular Chemistry Division (formerly Organic Chemistry Division III) has been making immense contributions in the area of Application Oriented Organic Synthesis (A02S), with a special interest in the Pharmaceutical sector. The areas of research interests of the Division include: Natural Products (isolation and synthesis), Carbohydrates/mimics, Peptides and glycopeptides, Organo Catalysis, Nano-chemistry, Drug Discovery – Natural Product based drug discovery, Glyco-therapeutics and Peptide therapeutics. The Division, during the last three decades, has been extensively engaged in the fields of: (a) process chemistry by non-infringing routes, (b) contract research for new route identification, development of scaffolds / NCEs and (c) drug discovery, besides frontier research in organic chemistry.

The division in the last few years has undertaken a serious stride to change the face of it, while focusing on PRI - Performance, Relevance and Impact, and tried to build collective leadership for knowledge generation. It has established the ‘centralized’ instrumentation facility for better analytical performance and benefits to the researchers of the division. For the 12th Five Year Plan, to become more active in research and contribute effectively for the growth of the institute and country in turn, the division scientists are participating in diverse projects on (Adjutants, ORIGIN, IntelCOAT, NICE-P, TREAT, OSDD) different aspects, focusing at the core subject of “Human Health Care”. It has thus proposed to undertake Organic Synthesis, with a special emphasis on the Application Oriented Organic Synthesis (AOOS).

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