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Mass & Analytical (ACD)


Analytical Chemistry Division (ACD) is a centralized multifaceted division with sophisticated analytical facilities for Instrumental and Chemical analysis with a vision to provide high quality analytical services which foster international standards in basic and applied research output in analytical sciences. The Division provides facilities for qualitative and quantitative analysis to R & D projects of laboratory and also gives analytical services to the chemical industry, universities and other research institutions. The division has produced around 400 research publications, 40 Ph.Ds and several post graduation dissertations in analytical chemistry. The analytical facilities are accredited as per ISO 9000-2011.

The chemical process development activities at IICT need enormous support of analytical services involving micro, semi micro, and macro level of investigations. The Analytical Chemistry Division (ACD) is well equipped with these facilities with an objective to offer a range of knowledge based services not only to R&D projects of the laboratory but also chemical and allied industries which need them to assess quality and performance of industrially important chemicals as well as consumer goods to meet the specifications of national and international markets. The latest trend in the evaluation of fine performance and specialty chemicals is to employ and a package of analytical tests to assess their full applications potential including their eco compatibility and user safety. The analytical facilities consisting of advanced instruments based on gas, liquid and thin-layer chromatography, IR, UV, electrophoresis have received ISO 9000 accreditation from internationally recognized assessors. Modern developments in data acquisition and processing have made these instruments most efficient and user friendly and provide wealth of information on the structural characteristics of organic and inorganic compounds.

Analytical activities were as old as the institution. When the lab got rechristened as Regional Research Laboratory (RRL-H), analytical activities were directly monitored by then director, Dr. G.S. Sidhu. As the demand for analysis increased, need for a separate division was felt and in 1972, Analytical Chemistry Division (ACD) came into existence under the headship of Dr.MR Subbaram followed by Dr. Y V Subba Rao. During this period chemical analysis of silicates, metals, coal, water and oils & fats was carried out by wet methods. CHNS analysis was in much demand as mass spectrometry facility was not available then. Analytical services were confined to mostly in-house projects. Later the services were extended to Industries around and the facilities were modernized by introducing instrumental techniques. ACD has given extensive service and support to the in-house projects of lab in various capacities. With its expertise lots of consultancy and commercial projects were assigned to IICT for chemical analysis. This also resulted in basic research and started enrolling Ph.D scholars. ACD is providing services to various state, central and R&D Departments also. IICT is a nodal lab for preparation and dissemination of pesticide CRMs under the network project coordinated by CSIR-NPL, New Delhi. Around 10 CSIR laboratories participated in round robin testing of the 20 CRMs prepared under this program and ACD is actively participating in this programme.

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