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Computer Center


The Computer Centre of IICT started in 1966 and is one of the oldest computer centres in CSIR Labs. A Second Generation Computer IBM 1620 Model II was installed as a the centralized resource facilitator for entire IICT Campus as well as NGRI & CCMB Scientists. In 1981 a new building was constructed with wider space for installation of Sperry Univac Varian 77/900 Computer. During this period several Application Software of Scientific importance were developed to cater institutional research programs like Conjugate Gradiant & Random Search Methods for Optimization, Genetic Algorithms, Polynomial Curve Fitting, Multiple Linear Regression & its accessory models, Factorial Analysis, Solutions of Higher Order Matrix Inverses & Multiplication, Development of Software for Cooler Condenser Design, Vapour Liquid Equilibrium & Distillation column for Tata Consultancy Ltd, Bombay and MECON, Ranchi etc. Some of the major R&D Sponsored Projects successfully completed are Modelling and Simulation assignment of Ammonia Plants for Gujarat State Fertilizer Corporation Ltd, Baroda, Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers, Mangalore and Development of software for Simulation of Rotary Kiln & Acetylene Black Plant for Panyam Cement, The Electronic Data Processing & Statistical Analysis of Survey of India and Nutritional data of NIN. Right from the early 1970s Computerized Monthly Pay Roll processing & MIS applications of IICT & CCMB, Pragatools and Midhani were processed at Computer Centre.

During 1985-98 R&D activities continued to improve as a recognised research centre by the Osmania University for carrying out research leading to Ph D degree in the subjects Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science. With the Installation of Norsk Data 530 Mini Super Computer for providing application software development in the areas of scientific importance, several institutional research programs were initiated. Details of various R&D activities in which Computer Centre is actively engaged are given below: Computer Assisted Organic Mixture Analysis Studies, Ranking & Decision making application to Coal Field Classification, Lethal Dosages evaluation for biocides and pesticides by Probit & Logit Models, Dynamics of Microfilaria by Statistical Modeling, Assesment of productivity of R&D institutions by the application of multivariate statistical modelling, Probability calculations of accidents of trucks carrying Hazardous chemicals, Soft computing like Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic & Cluster Analysis etc, Rule based Expert Systems for Taxonomy Problems usind IDS Algorithm and Electronic Data Processing & Statistical Analysis of All India Survey on Raw Hides & Skins in collaboration with CLRI.

In the year 1997 IICT was modernized by establishing Local Area Network with the Compaq Proliant & Dec Alpha Client Server Architecture Model for launching the Internet & E-mail Services and in-house developed package Project Information System on Oracle Database Visual Basic as Frontend to all IICT Staff across the Campus CSIR-IICT Wide Network well connected by means of Optical Fiber and CAT 5 UTP Cables. The Computer Centre is one of the few centres among all the CSIR Labs having VSAT connectivity. Fault/Event Tree Analysis, Quantitative Assessment & Risk Contouring and Time Series Analysis Techniques etc were initiated during 199-2004 for enhancing the R&D activities of the Centre. During 2001, Sun Sparc E250 servers were installed for Intranet and Internet facilities of the scientific community at a large scale providing high bandwidth of 1 MBPS through leased line to cater Web Enabled Services like Computerized Purchase Procedure System (CPPS), and CCNET etc. Computer Centre has also initiated Video Conference using internet bandwidth & Web Casting.

Computer Centre implemented successfully the National Knowledge Network (NKN) bandwidth provided by National Informatics Centre (NIC) along with GBIC bandwidth line, which interconnects the leading scientific and technical institutions across India. The Computer Centre established several facilities at IICT under the leadership of former Head of the Departments namely Dr Asghar Husain, Dr P J Reddy, Dr B S N Murty and Dr D Krishna

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