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Centre for X-ray Crystallography


At the centre for X-ray Crystallography, we have great minds with diverse experience and expertise. We believe in ‘Do what you do the best’. The centre concentrates on two areas of research activities: Chemical Crystallography and Materials Characterization using X-ray diffraction. Currently, the Division is focused on solid-state structural characterization of drug polymorphs, pharmaceutical co-crystals/salts, physicochemical property improvements using crystal engineering, study of drug-nucleobases interactions, and correlation of structural features for biological activity towards pharmacophore modeling and drug design. It develops analytical methods and validation procedures using powder X-ray diffraction for drug impurity profile and drug master file applications.

The center enhances the use of X-ray crystallography in many research programs of the institute and offers its expertise for collaborative research with other departments within the institute and nation wide universities. The expertise available in X-ray crystallography area has been recognized by all sectors of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. With the rapidly growing demands from R&D institutions for our research activities in this specialized area, X-ray centre has now developed into one of the most respected X-ray Crystallography laboratories in India for providing the specialized studies, on a strictly confidential basis, to clients both within and outside the institute.

The center also housed the national facility for characterization of herbo-metallic preparations using X-ray fluorescence funded by DST, India

The X-ray Crystallography Center operates on a 24/7 schedule. It has been greatly acknowledged for its highest customer satisfaction rating consistently (CSIR customer satisfaction evaluation – 3.57 on a scale of 4).

The centre sustains a synergistic value addition to IICT's repertoire of analytical facilities. X-ray crystallography is still a young discipline but it has radically transformed many other areas of science, through them, the world we inhabit today.

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