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Business Development and Technology


Business Management Area is the Institute-Industry Interaction Facilitation wing of CSIR-IICT. It serves as vital link between R&D groups of CSIR-IICT and the Industry. The Division aims to promote the expertise of the Institute toward offering research solutions to industry oriented problems. The key task of the division is to identify potential customers for CSIR-IICT's knowledge base, facilitate techno-commercial negotiations, formulation of projects, preparation of contracts and project monitoring. The Division works in close association with R&D divisions, industries, Government Institutions, overseas and other agencies involved in technology development, transfer and commercialization. The Division facilitates the generation of new R&D projects and entrepreneurship in new and upcoming areas.

Simple and Innovative Business Solutions

CSIR-IICT has a rich pool of scientists with a broad range of research interests and expertise enabling multidisciplinary teams to work on various research & industrial products and processes. The Business Development Division strives to create an enabling ambiance for the scientists to focus on research, and to create innovation resource platforms to facilitate the transfer of research outputs to the Industry.

Guiding Principles:

To promote the R&D innovations through industrial collaborations, CSIR-IICT over the years, has established a Business Collaboration culture with the following guiding principles:

  • Simple & Swift, with no bureaucratic hassles: The Director of the lab is fully empowered to take all decisions on behalf of CSIR, the parent organization
  • Flexible & Transparent, and responsive to the needs of the industry: The scientists and the industry partner together identify the scope, deliverable and time lines of the collaboration.
  • Participative & Supportive: The Industry can always bank on support of CSIR- IICT even after the project is executed.
  • Synergistic Collaboration: The business collaboration aims to synergize the knowledge and expertise of CSIR-IICT and the Industry.

Business Models:

CSIR-IICT enters into synergistic business collaboration with the industry through the following models:

  • Sponsored Projects: The industry partner comes up with a problem which is specific to their organization and CSIR-IICT provides a solution. In select cases, the IP exclusivity terms may be granted up to 5 years.
  • Collaborative Projects: The industry and CSIR-IICT identify a challenge and together try to find solutions. In this pursuit, the partnership may also obtain funds from funding agencies like DST, DBT, Ministries, State government etc. The IP may be jointly shared if the intellectual contributions of collaborating institute are quite significant.
  • Consultancy Projects: The expertise of the scientists is utilized by the industry to solve some of their problems. The industry carries out trials, experiments at its own premises through expert consultancy of the scientists at CSIR-IICT.
  • Technical Services Projects: Analytical & characterization services are offered to the industry.
  • In addition to above, CSIR-IICT provides technology platform for new and start-up companies through following models:
  • Incubation Support: CSIR-IICT licenses its lab-space to start-up companies. The start-up companies get the support of CSIR-IICT expertise and world class R&D infrastructure.
  • Public Private Partnership: CSIR-IICT collaborates with industry in PPP mode in select areas, with an aim to develop expertise in cross-disciplinary areas.

Examples: The EVOLVA-IICT partnership has facilitated R&D in chemical genomics while CSIR-IICT-AISIN COSMOS, Japan partnership has facilitated solar harvesting devices.

CSIR-IICT collaboration is not just restricted to the above models and is open for newer innovations and models.

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